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Bev Aisbett
Bev Aisbett


Living With It cover Bev wrote and illustrated 'LIVING WITH IT' after experiencing an episode of severe anxiety. This book has now sold over 100,000 copies within Australia and overseas and is a recommended text by numerous health workers, counsellors, etc. It is also distributed to GPs nationwide. it
Get Real cover The cartoon format of this book proved to be so effective in simplifying, explaining and providing reassurance that 4 books have now followed using the same format to explain complex health concerns: 'LIVING IT UP' (1994), 'LETTING IT GO', 1996 on Anxiety; 'GET REAL' (1996) on Body Image and 'TAMING THE BLACK DOG' (2000) on Depression bb
Taming the Black Dog cover Prior to these self-help books, Bev has published two gift books: 'PURRSONALITIES' (cats) and 'MUTTMOBILES' (dogs). 
Purrsonalities  Muttmobiles
All books published by HarperCollins

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