Bev Aisbett - Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author, Counsellor
Bev Aisbett
Bev Aisbett


Bev was a regular illustrator for TERRY LANE'S column in the SUNDAY AGE (1991-1993). She has illustrated numerous publications for MACMILLAN PUBLISHERS and CURRICULUM CORPORATION, along with PENGUIN, THOMAS NELSON, etc. cat
Bev has also illustrated the "FIND OUT MISSION" children's books for Beazer Publishing.  
Utilising a variety of mediums, styles and approaches,Bev has illustrated technical manuals, pamphlets, training kits and student texts along with her own fine art pieces, which she has exhibited in group and solo shows.  
Boomer and Opal ratify the constitution
heavens keyhole
To contact Bev regarding cartooning and illustration: Phone 03 9890 5737  Email:  

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