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Bev Aisbett
Bev Aisbett


Following her own episode of anxiety, Bev undertook intensive personal research and training in advanced counselling and numerous psycho-dynamic modalities in order to assist others suffering with anxiety and depression.  
She counselled one to one prior to setting up the 'WORKING WITH IT' recovery program in 1997. This 5 week program has now assisted hundreds of peoople towards recovery from crippling anxiety and depression.
Work it out!
Some comments from past participants:
"I wish all psychiatrists and psychologists would do this course! It would enable their patients to get better quicker and hopefully without drugs" M.L.
"I now know my life will change...I'll be OK" L.R.
" I got so much out of it, I find it hard to put into words." M.H.
"Without doubt, value for money.This course was easily the most supportive and constructive I have ever been to.Bev's ability to relate to each of the participants' inner feelings excedes any counsellors or psychiatrists I have met. I will be forever this program." R.W.
For further information, contact ADAVIC (Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria) on 03 9853 8089, or visit the ADAVIC website.  

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